I am a Junior at the University of Denver, studying Emergent Digital Practices with Minors in Leadership, Marketing, and Art. I am passionate about exploring the digital infiltration of our formerly analogue world through art. To see and hear more about my art, check out my portfolio and artist’s statement. I have experience in graphic and web design, application prototyping, JavaScript, projection mapping, VJing (Visual/Video Jockey), screen printing, and both digital and analogue photography. My videography and editing skills are mostly focused around video art, but I have started to explore creating comedic shorts in collaboration with some friends.

I hail from the Colorful Colorado and take pride in that fact. I was locally raised in Colorado Springs, flew the coop, and landed in Denver. I have a huge passion for the outdoors and appreciate all of the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Skiing is one of my greatest passions. I am a third generation telemark skier (I know, nobody cares that I tele). When I’m not tearin’ it up on the slopes, you can find me listening to the music, flying hot air balloons with my family, enjoying a beer from one of Colorado’s many incredible craft breweries, practicing my film photography skills, or spending time outdoors with my friends, my family, and my dog, Gibbs.