Week 2 - Final Proposal


This project represents the relation between nature and humankind through the use of hard sculptural objects and soft inflatable sculpture and video and audio augmentation. A growing inflatable “fog” will erupt out of wood or acrylic structures, it will overtake some of these structures nearly engulfing them in fabric, other structures will be more resilient to this “fog”. These acrylic or wooden objects will be engraved with ornate designs inspired by microscopic structures of fungal and plant life as well as elemental and natural chemical structures. Projections on the tops of these hard objects would allow for a more dynamic color palate that animates and awakens a hard structural object into something more organic and alive. The cloud of fog that blankets these structures will have an element of life to it as well. Inflatable objects have the capability to breathe, it would undulate in stages of full inflation to full deflation and would have moments of breath in between. The natural world is steadfast, it will persist even after humankind is long gone. It will evolve and might not be the same, but it is far more powerful than a population of 7 billion.

I am also toying with the idea of utilizing imagery of atomic bombs and mushroom clouds. I acknowledge the negative connotation behind this, but I think it could be interesting to explore this more considering that some theories of the Anthropocene claim it started with the Trinity Test in 1945.

Skills needed:

  • Digital Media - Video Production, Interactivity/Programing (need to learn)

  • Fabrication - Sewing, Laser Cutting, Carpentry

Resources needed:

  • Acrylic or wood

  • Paint or wood finish

  • Screws

  • Drill and drill bits

  • Electric Saws (Jigsaw, Circular)

  • Laser engraver

  • Nylon fabric (taffeta or ripstop)

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Inflators

  • Personal camera

  • Projector(s)

  • Mac Mini

  • Personal computer

  • Power strips and extension cords

  • HDMI cables




  • Wooden/Acrylic/3D Printed form

  • Inflatable form

  • Video(s)


I believe that this project will add a considerable amount of value to the world. It is intended to exist as a dialogue addressing nature’s ability to overpower humankind. A reclamation of sorts. This concept of reclamation will be furthered by the use of reclaimed materials and found objects in the production and fabrication of the installation.

It will pose as a reasonable challenge for me, quite the undertaking for a 10 week project. While most of the skills are ones that I possess, it is most important that I hone these skills and elevate them to a professional level - primarily my fabrication skills. I also will be expanding my skills in programing/interactivity, I want the inflatable object to breathe or go through a life cycle.

Schedule (by week):

  1. Assemble rough draft of proposal

  2. Finalize Proposal / Research

  3. Begin constructing maquette / Pre-production for video component

  4. Begin sewing / Begin production for video

  5. Edit video / Continue sewing / Critique in progress for video and sewing

  6. Complete video / Complete sewing / Critique / Begin structural fabriction

  7. Structural Fabrication

  8. Incorporate physical structure and inflatable structure

  9. SXSW - Final edits for video / Interactivity

  10. Map video / Install interactivity/programing /

General research:

Silas Carter