Week 4 - Update



I have decided to settle on representing the balance between humankind and nature through people and ice (specifically glacial/icecap ice) the large amorphous inflatable will represent humanity/society.The large pink/red fleshy blob will contrast with the sharp lines of the geometric structures. I plan to film ice and snow melting as well as representing other stages of the water cycle within the projections on these hard surfaces. This past week, I had considered focusing the topic of this installation specifically on beetle kill in Colorado but concluded that it would be a topic far too difficult to devote enough energy to. I, however, plan on continuing to work with soft and hard sculpture and video projection in my future practices and would like to explore the topic of beetle kill in Colorado in the future.


On/off function for inflator fan


I have begun physically building models for my project. I was using black plastic just to emulate the form, but will continue my progress using ripstop nylon that I will then paint. The first photo is of my larger model with a small inflator fan attached. The other four are of the smaller model with wooden blocks representing what the hard sculpture might look like.

This form that I have established is not my favorite, I feel that it isn’t quite organic enough. I want it to resemble some sort of unrecognizable organ/body part. I think that creating a more rigid base structure for the bottom of the inflatable and then creating an organic mess of fabric for the top will allow me to construct the most organic shape possible. I also thing creating a pressurized pocket of air inside the inflatable could allow me to achieve this breathing function a little more fluidly. Imagine a balloon within the balloon that is more pneumatic.



Potential use of aerial footage

What will each for represent?

Balloon for filming?

Colorado locations for inspiration

Water - snowpack, rainfall, watersheds



Explore unique forms beyond cubes (Michael Naminga’s shapes can be inspiration)

Beetle kill wood for structures

Ideal Career Outcomes:

  • Artist

  • Curator (museum or private gallery)

  • Creative Director for immersive art collective/company

  • Design (Architecture, Industrial, Fashion)

  • Art Director for an ad agency

Silas Carter