Week 5 - Update


This past week has allowed me to refine a lot of my concept and I’ve made quite a few breakthroughs. Instead of basing my inflatable off of a solid pattern, I will create it more organically. A general base shape will be constructed first and then I will sew a larger piece of fabric to that base. There will be overlap and creases that will create intentional imperfections. While the shape will be similar to the maquette, it won’t be a large copy of it. I intend to use this organic construction technique as a contrast to the very calculated construction methods I will have to use for the hard sculptural objects.

The hard sculptural objects, representing nature will take the form of sky-scrapers. I will create 3 large geometric structures out of acrylic and will laser engrave intricate ice microstructures onto the surfaces. Depending on the structural integrity of the structures, they will not have a wooden super structure in order to backlight them in an elegant way.


Outlet Timer vs. Arduino Controlled Outlet - It will be tremendously easier and time and cost effective for me to use this outlet timer. It is only $14 and will allow me to easily program the inflator fan to run in breathing cycles. While I think I would learn a lot from programming an Arduino to do this, I think it is in my best interest to use this outlet timer.

Ice Structure - Possible 3 printed objects or engraving on acrylic surfaces. I plan to engrave the hexagonal ice structure onto the 3D forms.


I have finalized the general shape of the inflatable and finalized the fabric that I will be using. I will use a 1.1oz white ripstop nylon that I will then dye a pink-ish, red-ish fleshy tone. See photos below for test dyes and the maquette inflatable:

Silas Carter