Week 1 - Draft Proposal

Skills needed:

  • Digital Media - Video Production, Interactivity/Programing (need to learn)

  • Fabrication - Sewing, Laser Cutting, Carpentry

Resources needed:

  • Acrylic or Coroplast

  • Plywood

  • Paint

  • Screws

  • Drill

  • Hand held circular saw

  • Laser Engraver

  • Nylon fabric (taffeta or ripstop)

  • Thread

  • Sewing Machine

  • Inflators

  • Camera

  • Projector(s)

  • Computer(s)

  • Power strips and extension cords

  • HDMI Cables


  • Wooden/Acrylic/3D Printed form

  • Inflatable form

  • Video(s)



I believe that this project will add a considerable amount of value to the world. It is intended to exist as a dialogue addressing nature’s ability to overpower humankind. A reclamation of sorts. This concept of reclamation will be furthered by the use of reclaimed and found objects in the production and fabrication of the installation.

It will pose as a reasonable challenge for me, quite the undertaking for a 10 week project. While most of the skills are ones that I possess, it is most important that I hone these skills and elevate them to a professional level - primarily my fabrication skills. I also will be expanding my skills in programing/interactivity, I want the inflatable object to breathe or go through a life cycle.

Schedule (by week):

  1. Assemble rough draft of proposal

  2. Begin constructing maquette / Pre-production for video component / Research for interactivity/programing

  3. Completed maquette for critique / Full specs for physical installation / Begin production of video

  4. Begin sewing / Continue production for video

  5. Edit video / Continue sewing / Critique in progress for video and sewing

  6. Complete video / Complete sewing / Critique / Begin structural fabriction

  7. Structural Fabrication

  8. Incorporate physical structure and inflatable structure

  9. SXSW - Final edits for video / Interactivity

  10. Map video / Install interactivity/programing /

Silas Carter