Week 7 - Update



This past week I made some big strides into creating the inflatable. While I’m by no means finished with it, I have created a larger form that will become part of my installation. The midterm proof of concept proved to me that I need to think bigger. Instead of just one inflatable with a series of hard sculptures, I will need to create more of an immersive installation. I plan on improving my fist inflatable, creating more smaller inflatables, suspending fabrics, and creating hard sculptures out of acrylic to be placed on the floor and suspended in the air. I also look forward to exploring the potential for installing it in a more permanent space instead of the hypercube this spring.



Ice sounds:



Breathing cloud inflatable:


Breathing lotus flower:



Considering this past week’s midterm critique, I received quite a bit of feedback. Most of the things I heard from my peers were just matters of my installation not being a clear enough message that drives my concept. I did receive feedback that it looked like an organ, even phalic, which is a good thing.. lol.. I look forward to continue to to expand my project with this feedback. I need to get a higher powered blower fan and produce an audio track that pair well with the sound of the fan. I also need to solidify the scale of the installation and i think this will allow my concept to come through a little more clearly.

Silas Carter