Week 8 - Update



This past week I solidified a bit more of the inflatable structure and began creating the acrylic forms. I have laser engraved each sheet of acrylic that I will cut from and begun to cut out some of the forms. One form is a stalactite like object made of stacked sheets of acrylic that I will suspend with monofilament from the ceiling. I will continue to explore this sort of stalactite/stalagmite like forms that are suspended from the ceiling. I also plan to suspend large sheets of fabric to create more of an immersive space as well as exploring the suspension of some inflatables (my only concern with this being their appearance beong too cloud like.


Katharina Grosse - Specifically her larger installations using fabric and stryofoam

Joseph Havel - resin sculpture


Last week I considered changing my theme a little but received the feedback that I should stick with what I’ve got. I also began exploring the layering of acrylic which was some feedback I received.

Silas Carter