Week 10 - Update


Over the course of Week 9 I got quite a bit done but lost quite a bit of work time considering that I am in Austin for SXSW. Once I get back I am going to have to put the pedal to the pavement and bust out all of my final work between thursday and tuesday. Its pretty straight forward and will obviously require quite a bit of effort but I am incredibly confident that I will be able to assemble a polished final product. I unfortunately spent quite a bit of time developing sand structures and the result was fairly good but not perfect and was quite labor intensive, so I must implement sand in a different way. I also tested bonding sand to fabric to make a sort of floor treatment that I can lay down like a rug. This experiment required a bunch of sand, spray adhesive and flex seal, and it holds up pretty well. I need to create sand filled fabric bags to suspend from the ceiling as well.




Silas Carter