Belly of the Beast

Mixed Media - Nylon, Sand, Three-Channel Video, Two-Channel Audio


Belly of the Beast is a multimedia, immersive installation that invites participants to enter a large abstraction of the digestive track. The participant must enter through a narrow opening into a fleshy fabric world where hanging pillars of sand and a large inflatable consume the space. The space consumes the sand, a resource we continue to exploit but fail to notice its exploitation, as well as the humans that enter.

Tetrahedron II

Tetrahedron II is my second exploration of the tetrahedron form. I see it as the maturation of my curiosity with the shape as well as my abilities as an artist and a maker. I mixed physical form With audio and interactive video projection. The video and audio were generated using Max/MSP.

Tetrahedron I

JPEG image-BA1F8A4FFF62-1.jpeg

TetraHedron I is my first exploration of the tetrahedron form. This inflatable was Originally constructed in 2013, later installed at Orpheus Music and Arts Festival in Glenwood Springs, CO from August 31st - September 1st.

Materials: Reclaimed Nylon, Inflator Fan

Natura Obscura

During My involvement in Natura Obscura, an immersive arts experience opening at the museum of outdoor arts in January 2019. I directed and produced several pieces of video art, produced sound design for the environment, and stepped out of My comfort zone to help with fabrication, sculpting, and faux painting. I also flexed my sewing and laser cutting abilities.

Find out more about natura obscura here:


Send Noods


Send Noods was part installation, part performance that was a play on words regarding the phrase “send nudes”. I submerged myself in a bathtub full of cooked spaghetti noodles. A camera on a tripod was pointed at me where viewers were able to take a photos of me via a remote shutter. In order to make this performance something less momentary, participants were able to write down their name and address and I sent them postcards of the photo seen above.

March 2018


Infill is a video projection that represents Colorado's growing population. Hundreds of thousands of newcomers are flocking to Colorado every year. The milk bottle slowly fills with red sand in order to represent Colorado's interesting history regarding water, water rights, and drought. This is a site specific work created for a class exhibition at the Dairy Block in Denver, CO on June 6th and 7th, 2017.

Documentation of the instalation can be found here.

University of Denver

Emergent Digital Practices

Site Specific Installation - Professor Laleh Mehran


Chrysalis is an exploration of expanded cinema that places the viewer in an immersive space to inspire a hypnagogic experience. The visuals digitally explore and expand upon the analog slit-scan technique used in traditional expanded cinema. The viewer is meant to lie on the floor to view the video projected into a dome suspended from the ceiling. Sheer curtains that partition off the viewing area from the exhibition space limit external stimuli. The audio that accompanies Chrysalis is a recording of Nicholas Miller, a jazz guitar student at the University of Denver. In order to further the immersive nature of the work, the audio track is played through headphones.

Visuals and Installation by Silas Carter and Jake Dahl

Audio by Nicholas Miller

Additional documentation of the installation can be found here.

Dennis Sheedy/The Lion

Dennis Sheedy/The Lion pays homage to the legacy of economic success and growth that Dennis Sheedy left on Denver, suggesting that he was courageous like a lion and helped feed the furnace of the Denver economy.

Projection mapping on a radiator at the Grant Street Mansion in Denver, CO - May 25th, 2017. (Short Version)

University of Denver

Emergent Digital Practices

Site Specific Installation - Professor Laleh Mehran