Here is a collection of some of my recent video work. Additional work can be found on my Vimeo account.

Solitude/Oblivion is an exploration of several dualities intended to be displayed as a two-channel video. The primary duality being solitude/oblivion, I chose to also focus on the balance between the tangible and intangible and water and fire. The solitude channel features a human submersed in water with hands grasping at what seems to be nothing. The blue color palate on this channel augments the water elements within the video because despite how ungraspable water is in its liquid form, it is far more tangible than fire. The second channel features a humanlike head that ignites and begins to melt. Flames and smoke-like wisps are layered over the head which melts into oblivion. Each channel blends the tangible and intangible.
Still, Life. is primarily inspired by 17th century Dutch still life paintings. Historically seen as representations of wealth, excess, commodity fetishism, I decided to take a modern spin on them and create a commentary on modern American lifestyles. The objects created out of clay in this video represent internet trends, fitness trends with cultural appropriation implications, and tech goods and food with human rights and sustainability implications. The objects melt into a nothingness, choreographed to an audio track of nothingness. A distorted sentence, which carries little to no meaning, interrupts a somewhat cheery combination of whistles and warbling tones that add to the indie, lo-fi aesthetic of the video.

Cyclic approaches the cyclical nature of life and death. The mirrored time-lapse of the rose dying and being revived slowly reaches equilibrium towards the middle of the time-lapse. The white rose is used to symbolize a pure living form that decomposes and recomposes in the same balanced progression. The left side of the video is displayed in black and white while the right remains full of color. The reality (right side) that things slowly die is contrasted with the unreality (left side) of being revived and renewed.

January 2018