Here is a collection of some of my recent video work. Most of the videos are explorations of video art I created while studying Emergent Digital Practices at DU. My work can also be found on my Vimeo account.



Cyclic approaches the cyclical nature of life and death. The mirrored time-lapse of the rose dying and being revived slowly reaches equilibrium towards the middle of the time-lapse. The white rose is used to symbolize a pure living form that decomposes and recomposes in the same balanced progression. The left side of the video is displayed in black and white while the right remains full of color. The reality (right side) that things slowly die is contrasted with the unreality (left side) of being revived and renewed.

January 2018


Escape explores the idea of separating oneself from technology, consequently stepping away from the public realm. The process of the video is meant to detach the tether to the public world from the subject and place the subject into a very private setting. The video ultimately is intended to simulate a suicide from the public world.

March 2017